Company Profile:
Yilmaz Kardeş was founded in 1959 by Riza and Yilmaz Büyükzeren brothers to do resource and municipal affairs. Today Yilmaz Kardeş is a brand that serves Europe from the Arabian Peninsula to many parts of the world. This rightful success is due to our customer-centric approach, which does not compromise our open vision and quality to the predictions of modern technology. Our company, which develops the product range in line with the ARGE and Innovation activities by carrying out the projects together with TUBITAK and serves in line with the needs of the market, has adopted the principle of realizing the innovations in Turkey. Yilmaz Kardeş brand has made a first in Turkey in 1973 by manufacturing Hydraulic Load Discharge Platform. Today, our company continues to meet the needs of the Demonstration Platform, Load Lifting Elevator, Container Discharge Platform and sector, filling a big gap. Our company aims to provide service for half a century, determining the needs of industry and customers, and having new patents, will keep on dreaming and always keep the mission of signing the firsts.

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Established Date: 1959  Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 9780512554  Staff Count: 26-50  Export Specialist: Mustafa BUYUKZEREN